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Testing your pool water regularly will help maintain crystal clear water while also reducing overall chemical costs. Regular chlorine and pH testing allow you to take control of your chemical levels so that your water remains algae-free and in top condition.

All in one testing kit

You can’t go past our 4-in-1 pool testing kit for reliability, price and ease of use. This kit includes everything you need to test overall free chlorine levels, acid demand, total alkalinity, Chlorine neutraliser. Testing components including chlorine testing tablets, Testing strips and replacement reagents are available to purchase separately when you have run out. Learn more about types of testing methods

Why we love Pool Test Strips

Pool testing strips are a fast and efficient way of testing your pool water. Some test strips will quickly analyse your pool/spa water in a matter of seconds, giving you reading for up to 7 different tests on one strip. To use a pool test strip simply dip the strip into a sample of water and remove it immediately. Hold the strips for 15 seconds (without shaking off excess water) then compare each testing pad to the colour chart on the label. 

Best Pool Test Kits in 2022

Still, our pool testing kits remain a firm favourite among Australian pool owners. In 2022 we are certainly seeing more of our customers moving away from old-school testing to a digital pool testing kit. Electronic pen pool testers feature accurate sensors to provide you with immediate results on the status of your pool water. 

What you need to test your pool water for

To achieve crystal clear pool water you need to should be testing your pool regularly to keep on top of any changes in its chemical balance. We recommend testing your water fortnightly, increasing this through Summer particularly when if you are using your swimming pool regularly.

  • Free chlorine
  • Total Alkalinity
  • pH
  • Salt levels
  • Calcium hardness
  • Metals


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