Pool Waterfalls, LED water features for pools

At Direct Pool Supplies we have a range of Waterfalls to suit existing walls or for new walls fitted during construction. 

Available in a wide range of sizes to suit various wall lengths and widths, we have a Waterfall that is suitable for existing and new feature walls.
All Waterfalls features a 'Clear Lip' construction leaving no painting or hiding of unsightly coloured lips in your feature wall. The Clear Lip construction enables the Waterfalls to blend into any wall regardless of its composition - even if you wish to tile around the Waterfall on your feature wall!
For a spectacular feature in your backyard, why not combine a few Waterfalls at different heights and lengths and make a statement!

Pool WaterfallsWater Feature

 Installation manual here.

Cascade and Rain Effect models as well as LED light options.
Rear or bottom entry options are available also

There is nothing more peaceful and relaxing than the sound of running water!


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