How to Fix a Cloudy Pool



It is most important that before you do any chemical treatment on your pool, scoop out all the leaves and heavy debris that may be in there.
Make sure both the skimmer & pump baskets are cleaned too. 
Floc your pool
Fine dust and debris can turn a pool cloudy and become difficult to remove via ordinary filtration alone.
Generally caused by severe storms that cause run off into your pool.
By flocing your pool you can restore clarity and settle waste and debris for easy removal from the pool.
1.               Over fill the pool. P.H. must be 7.6 – 7.8 before starting. Wait 4 hours before next step if acid or soda ash is required.
2.                            For sand filters-             Turn filter onto re-circulate and turn on the pump.

For cartridge filters-        Remove filter cartridge(s) and turn on the pump.

3.         If the pool has any algae in with the particles add 4kg of chlorine per 50,000L (MUST BE GRANULAR NOT LIQUID CHLORINE) (Flocculants will not sink living algae). Add the required amount of flocing agent (as per directions) to the pool and run the pump for 1 hour. Use a powder floc (Aluminium Sulphate) for big problems or Algons liquid floc for lighter problems.
4.        Turn pump off and allow dust and debris to settle (approx 24 –36 hours).
5.                 Vacuum to waste any debris on the floor of the pool. Cartridge filters must have a waste valve. If it doesn't, contact us for further details.
6.                 For sand filters – Return to filter and resume normal filtration
For cartridge filters – Return filter cartridge(s) and resume normal filtration.       


In extreme cases a second treatment may be necessary. Have your water tested as soon as possible so the water balance can be corrected.

When done, your pool will require a shock treatment with chlorine. The link above to our high quality (and low residue) chlorine will do the trick, as you'll have enough left over after the above process has been completed. Follow the instructions on the chlorine bucket on the best way to add the product into your pool. 

With storm run off, you will also have a high phosphate level. Get yourself some Phosphate Remover to stop any algae from forming in your pool. 

For the next few weeks, add a Floc Block to the skimmer basket, as cloudy water will take some time to clear completely. 

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