Winteriser for Swimming Pools

Using Winteriser for your Swimming Pool will Save Money...


In Australia we are coming into the cooler months, most pool owners are not really thinking about going for a swim, unless you have heating that does extent your swimming season somewhat.


Winteriser is really a great product to use if you are no longer going to go for a swim until the weather starts to warm up again. Good quality Winterisers will last for up to 90 days in the average size swimming pool.


Most pools these days are saltwater. When using our Winteriser packs, you can turn your salt cell right down, so that it produces very little chlorine. By doing this, you will extend the life of your salt cell. And we all know how much a replacement cell is these days... the average self cleaning model is around $500.00, so any way we can extend its life is a great idea right?


When you are not swimming, you don't need as much chlorine in your pool water like you need it in summer when there are people in swimming. All you really need in winter is a very small amount of chlorine.


"My pool still goes green in winter" I hear you say. Well not anymore. Our Winteriser 3 x pack includes Winter Algaecide, Phosphate Remover & a Winter Conditioner.


Some people still turn their pools completely off over winter. They say it save money. What they don't realise is that it will cost 3 times as much to get the pool back up to scratch with chemicals when summer comes around again. The average pool only needs to be run around 2-3 hours a day in winter when using our Winteriser pack.


Winter Algaecide

A unique formulation specifically designed for Winter. It eradicates all types of algae and will protect your pool throughout the cooler winter months for up to 90 days.


Phosphate Remover

his product is amazing. It can & should be used all year round. Most pool shops don't like selling you this product as it decreases their sales on chlorine & algaecides. How it works is this...

Algae is a living plant. Like all living things, algae needs food to survive and grow. If you take away the food source, any living thing will die right? The food source of algae is phosphates. Phosphate remover will remove phosphates. No phosphates, no algae. Pretty simple isn't it. Phosphates enter in pool in many ways... naturally through the air by wind, dust, leaves, bird droppings, off humans, run off from gardens, fertilisers & chemicals. Many different ways phosphates can enter the pool.


Get yourself a simple Phosphate Test Kit from our website


Pool Conditioner

The Pool Conditioner in our Winteriser pack is designed for winter conditions. It will remove body fats, oils & dissolved metals. It will also help clean the scum line around the tile line or around the water surface. Improves sanitiser activity too.


You can purchase our LoChlor Winteriser pack from our website 

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