AquaFresh Chlorine FREE Pools

AquaFresh Chlorine Free Swimming Pools by Lochlor. NO Chlorine, NO salt, NO Hydrogen Peroxide. AquaFresh™ by Lo-Chlor is fully registered with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) and is the fastest-growing chlorine-free alternative in the country.

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The Lo-Chlor AquaFresh™ WATER CARE SYSTEM
1. Is especially ideal for allergy sufferers, including those who suffer from asthma or skin problems.
2. Lo-Chlor AquaFresh™ contains no chlorine, bromine, or lithium it is like being in clean fresh water.
3. Lo-Chlor AquaFresh™ is kind to both humans and the environment, is gentle on skin, hair, and clothing and the freshness can provide a sense of total wellbeing.
4. Pool Owners will not be breathing in chemical fumes using Lo-Chlor AquaFresh™ as may be the case with other sanitising systems.
5. Normal dosing is once every week, making Lo-Chlor AquaFresh™ both easy and economical to maintain.  

Aquafresh is NOT affected by heat or bather load. 

Download the complete information sheet on this amazing product here...

Q. How do I change over from a Hydroxypure pool?
A. Aquafresh is fully compatible with a Hydroxypure pool. You don't need to do anything. Simply balance the water & start using the Aquafresh system.

Q. How do I change over from a salt or chlorine pool?
A. All you need to do is balance the pool and remove all traces of chlorine from the water. We have a product here to make that happen...



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