How to fix a flooded pool after a storm

Has your pool been flooded by the recent storms and floods?

We want to make things simple for you to restore your pool easily and in a  cost-effective way.

We have packages below for small, medium and large pools plus pools that are simply cloudy to pools that look like a swamp...

Flooded Pool

After the rain has stopped, the first thing to do is to check your pools equipment, especially the pump. If the pump has been flooded, it should be replaced.

It is vital that you DO NOT attempt to drain your pool after a flood, With a lot of groundwater, your pool shell will easily "pop" out of the ground, If this occurs, it will cost many $1000's to repair.

You should however drain the water down to around halfway down the skimmer box. You can do this by turning the filter to "waste", or if you have a cartridge filter, you can use a venturi pump to drain the water down.

Scoop all debris out of the pool and clean out the leaf baskets. 

Ensure the filter is kept clean. you will need to backwash or clean a cartridge multiple times unit the water is clear. Once the water is clear, if you have a cartridge filter, we recommend that a new cartridge be purchased. 

We also recommend using a good Phosphate Remover too as mud and top soil can contain phosphates that will promote algae growth.

Refer to our packages below to get your pool back to swimming condition ASAP. 

Download the instructions here... 



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