Welcome to Iluka Spa Sea Minerals - A Natural therapeutic experience

Welcome to Iluka Spa Sea Minerals. The natural spa enhancement and sanitation system.

Your Pathway to a Natural Spa Experience.

Iluka sea minerals

Sanitised and Therapeutic Spa Experience

Iluka aims to give you a 'near' the sea experience, allow you to relax and relieve body aches and pains. 

ILUKA is an aboriginal word meaning “NEAR THE SEA” and the feeling of being in a sea-like environment is precisely the one we all seek to experience when we relax in our spas or hot tubs.

As well as offering you the pure enjoyment of relaxing in your spa or hot tub, the ILUKA range of spa chemicals is designed to offer you the additional benefits of a rewarding healthy and therapeutic experience.

It contains a combination of tried and trusted health promoting minerals in the form of Magnesium, Potassium and Ocean Trace Elements all of which are created by Mother Nature.

The Iluka Spa Chemical Range

The Iluka range includes a start up kit includes everything you need to switch over to the more natural and luxurious bathing experience. The rest of the range includes:

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