Poppit Peroxsil Swim Spa Water Care System - CHLORINE FREE

Presenting the Poppits Peroxsil Water care system for swim spas. 

The Poppit Peroxsil spa water sanitation system is chlorin-free. The perfect choice for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and those with sensitive skin

Chlorine-free swim-spa sanitation system

The Poppit Sanosil Sanitizing System not only provides protection from all the standard bacteria found in pools & spas, but it also keeps algae under control. This treatment will knocks out "cryptosporidium" the nasty that causes chronic diarrhoea. No other pool or spa sanitiser can make that claim!

Poppits Peroxsil Sanitiser for sensitive skin

Poppit Peroxsil Sanitizer is a unique gentle but powerful solution to your needs. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that whenever you want to relax in your spa or pool, its water will be clean and fresh and chlorine free!

Ideal for swim spas and above ground pools up to 15,000L.
The Peroxsil system is much stronger than the standard Poppits   

Benefits of Poppits Peroxsil Sanitiser system


Cap spanner

Cap spanner


Nature2 Spa Sticks

Nature2 Spa Sticks


Poppit Algicide 260g

Poppit Algicide 260g


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