Spa Balancers

Keeping your spa water in balance is critical to ensure your water stays clean and healthy. Achieving balance with your Total alkalinity, pH and calcium levels aids in your water sanitation, while making your spa experience a comfortable one.

We recommend regularly testing your spa water to ensure the pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium are sitting at comfortable levels.

How to raise your spa pH

To increase your spa pH we recommend using a pH increaser specially formulated for spas. Be aware, that raising your pH will also increase your Total Alkalinity (TA). Choose a pH/ Alkalinity Up such as AquaSpa Alkalinity Enhancer or Poppits Spa Water Balancer to improve your spa's water balance.

How to decrease your spa pH

Adjust your spa water's pH with the use of a pH reducer. This is a granular acid and it will quickly lower your Total Alkalinity and pH.

What does Buffer do?

Raises your Total Alkalinity and improves your water softness



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