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Poppit brand - “The Healthy Alternative”, a chlorine and bromine-free system for people concerned about asthma, sensitive skin, and the environment.

Spa Poppits is a chlorine-free treatment for your spa water - the ideal spa sanitization solution for asthma and allergy sufferers.

The Poppits spa system effectively cleans and sanitizes your spa water, protecting you from harmful bacteria and algae. The range also includes a powerful degreaser that keeps your spa pipes hygienically clean.

Chlorine-free spa treatment

The Poppits spa and pool treatment system is all chlorine-free. This alternative sanitation system is endorsed by the Australian Asthma association as a safe choice for asthma and allergy sufferers - while also meeting the needs of your spa water sanitation.

Instead of chlorine and bromine treatments, Poppits use hydrogen peroxide to safely treat contaminated spa water. This powerful oxidiser is stronger than chlorine and is safe to use - with none of the gaseous releases of other chemicals

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Why Spa Hygiene is so important

  • Spas have less water than a pool, so contaminants are far more concentrated. The less water there is to dilute them, the more concentrated and dangerous they are. A bather in a spa adds 1.7 litres of sweat to 1000 litres of spa water in an hour. A swimmer adds only 500ml to a 50,000 litre swimming pool!
  • The spa Water is Hot. In addition to adding to a bather’s perspiration, hot water is a hospitable environment for bacteria. It also evaporates more rapidly, thereby increasing the level of total dissolved solids and other impurities.
  • Spa Water gives off steam. Sometimes the most dangerous element of a poorly maintained spa is not in the water itself, but rather in the steam that rises above it. Airborne contaminants can be inhaled and as we have said the studies show that this can lead to diseases of the lungs when chlorine is used.


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Poppit Algicide 260g

Poppit Algicide 260g


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