Spa Safe spa bath cleaners for cleaning spa pipes

Spa Safe is widely used to disinfect commercial spa baths as required by the Department of Health to eliminate disease causing pathogens from contaminated pipes


From the Health Department Publication it is recommended to use a commercially formulated spa pipe degreasing product. When this product is correctly used it should remove body fats and oils from the pipes contained underneath the spa bath. This debris is normally brown in colour - you may be surprised by the amount ( as shown in the picture below with the spa safe in action).

Ensure to choose a degreaser that also has a sanitising action so that the pipes remain hygienically clean until the bath is used again. You should degrease your spa frequently for comfort and enjoyment of each guest. When the spa is used in a commercial environment this should be between each client or after each room stay.

Spa Safe in actionSpa Safe Difference

Spa Safe Benefits

  • Acts instantly and effortlessly
  • A quality product backed by a satisfaction guarantee or money back
  • Available in convenient pack sizes to suit every property
  • Affordable at a very competitive price
  • Fabulous service and after sales support
  • Spa Safe has a very gentle perfume (lingers but does not dominate)

Easy Steps for Spa Bath Cleaning

1. Fill bath with cold water to above jet line.
2. Add 50 mls of Spa Safe to the spa water
3. Turn jets (pump) on.
4. Run jets for 5-10 minutes. Very dirty pipes will require a longer time.
5. Turn the jets off and drain bath. Rinse the bath with cold water.
6. Using Spa Safe on a clean, damp cloth wipe bath surface and surrounding area.
7. Polish the bath with a clean, dry cloth for a sparkling shine.


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