Spa Sanitisers and Shock

Keep your spa in top condition with our premium quality spa sanitisers and spa shock products. Sanitisers keep bacteria and algae at bay to ensure a safe and hygienic spa experience.

Types of spa sanitisers

There are several types of spa sanitisers which work to eliminate 

Bromine sanitiser comes in granular and tablet forms. This is a popular choice for its affordability. This effective sanitiser can be problematic in some spas. please check your warranty.

Lithium hypochlorite spa sanitiser. This is an easy to use spa sanitising system. Highly effective at removing bacteria and other germs. Does not release an odour

Hydrogen peroxide. This is a fast and effective spa sanitiser that does not release an odour

Stabilised Chlorine (Spa Sanitiser Plus) 

Ozone Generator: Use in conjunction with a fraction of the amount of sanitiser you normally use to clean and disinfect your spa water

Spa Shock Treatments

Using a Spa shock treatment will aid your sanitiser to work effectively. Applying shock to your spa water regularly will quickly break down organic contaminants that come from body oils, fats and other debris.

A shock treatment will oxidise rapidly, quickly restoring water clarity while allowing you to use your spa again after 15 min



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