Auscon Multi eClock Battery backup time clock

Maintains settings for up to 7 days


Optional Extras

Our Ascon Multi eClock is weather resistant battery backup time clock for pool pumps - if the power fails, the clock keeps going & won't lose time!

Comes with piggy back plug so no extra power outlet required.

Digital readout.

Output socket underneath.

Don't risk you or your families safety by using a cheaper timer from a hardware store. They will NOT be approved for use around pools and they only use single pole switching. These eClocks are Australian made to comply with Australian safety laws for swimming pools and are a double pole switch. 


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Excellent Pool Pump Timer

By: Steve O'Brien on 21 May 2021
The Auscon Multi eClock with battery backup is easy to set, easy to install and works great. The battery backup is fantastic, especially if you run your pump on a cheaper controlled tariff as there is no resetting the timer. It is well constructed and sealed from the weather. I highly recommend this product.

Works a treat

By: Jeff Hall on 13 March 2019
The Auscon 24hr eclock/timer, with battery backup is perfect and is doing exactly what it says on the box. I have used it to replace the inbuilt timer on my relatively new chlorinator when it started to play up. I have set the chlorinator to be "always on" and leave the timing of the on/off schedule to the Auscon unit. It is working perfectly. The unit is plugged into off peck power which interrupts during the day but it has kept the schedule perfectly despite the interrupted nature of the power supply.

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