Mineral Essence - Magnesium for your pool 10 kg

Phoenix Blued

A magnesium rich premium mineral that will transform your pool into a mineral oasis

Mineral Essence. Pool Mineral 10 kg.

Delivered anywhere in Australia.

Premium pool & spa chemicals.

It is compatible with all current sanitiser and oxidiser models.

Mineral pools are easier to maintain, gentle and won’t be as prone to corroding the pool and pool accessories, so you can maintain the quality of your pool water without sacrificing the pool itself.

Saltwater does not mean your pool will crumble over time, however with higher concentrated salt pool, it may take some work to ensure its naturally corrosive nature won’t deteriorate the pool. You’ll need to be on top of maintenance and keeping commonly affected areas like concrete and metal components clean and protected.

Mineral pools are the best option for anyone who suffers from skin irritations or allergies. Although saltwater pools are gentler than chlorine pools, those that use higher salt levels are still are associated with skin flaring for sensitive skin and, even if you don’t have easily irritated skin, it can still dry it out. While the clarity of the water in both options is quite similar, water quality is far superior in a mineral pool.

Mineral Essence benefits:

  • Silkier more comfortable water
  • Soothing to sensitive skin types
  • Relaxes and rejuvenates
  • Enhances pool water quality
  • Environmentally friendly pool solution with exceptional water clarity
  • Helps ease muscle tension
  • Stimulates skin hydration and softens the skin
  • Recreates a natural mineral pool that people have enjoyed for centuries




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