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This model 150/QT300 is for the larger pools.

This is a non genuine QT300 replacement cell that connects to a junction box on a Watermaid chlorinator. If you need the newer style cell that PLUGS in the control box, you will need to contact us for a genuine Watermaid cell.

Note that our cells come with push on connectors for easier removal and cleaning. The electrodes are approx 200mm long.

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Thank you

By: Utz on 15 September 2020
Your product helped me to get my swimming pool chlorinator to work again, instead of having to replace the whole unit for a few thousand dollars I was able to fix the problem with this unit for a fraction of the costs, fantastic, thank you

All good

By: Ian on 26 October 2019
All good and working fine

Better Than Genuine Watermaid QT300 Cell

By: Patrick Phillips on 21 April 2019
I have had the unfortunate need to replace my Watermaid QT300 Cell three times in 12 years. Each time was with a genuine Watermaid QT300. This time I have taken a gamble on the non-genuine QT-300 cell. I cannot voucher for its long term reliability yet but I am able to comment on its build quality. The first thing I notice is the redesigned moulded plastic top mount that holds both the anode and cathode. This is substantially more sturdy and does not rely on the tube housing and an epoxy plastic for holding these items. It is a much larger moulding now securing the anode and cathode in place. In addition, the inner anode plate has a much wider tongue for mounting onto this new plastic mount point. It was this smaller tongue of the genuine part that would fail. Will this prove to be a superior longer lasting design? I can only suspect that this improved engineering design does prove to be more reliable. Time will tell.

New salt cell is great

By: Michael on 7 December 2018
I found direct pool supplies on line. They were nothing but helpful and were able to identify the after market salt cell that fitted straight in without issue.

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