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Ozomatic MOG 15 UV Ozone Generator


ADavey Ozomatic ozone generator must be used as a supplementary pool sanitising system only. Your primary pool sanitising agent must provide a chlorine residual or 1.5 - 3ppm. Ozone helps to reduce the amount of sanitiser required saving on running costs.

Connects easily via the AMP plug to our range of SpaPower controllers. Suits spas up to 2000 litres. 

Select from the drop down list the type of plug required if not used with a Spa Power controller... 3 pin or the flat AMP style plug.

Do you want the best water quality in your pool or spa? Do you want your water to look, smell and feel inviting all year round, while providing a SAFE swimming environment for your family? Whilst common sanitisers like Chlorine are essential for keeping your pool clean and clear, you can go even further in improving the water quality in your pool or spa. 

The OzoMatic ozone generator is an ideal addition to conventional pool and spa water treatment methods. OzoMatic uses advanced but simple technology to replicate Mother Nature’s own way of purifying our rivers, lakes and the air we breathe. 

The OzoMatic ozone generator works by using oxygen in the air and exposing it to a UV lamp, converting the air into very safe levels of ozone. Ozone is one of the most potent sanitisers known to man, and when it is introduced to your pool or spa water, it will remove contaminants and chemical by-products, which cause poor water quality and unpleasant odours. 

OzoMatic has virtually no maintenance, has low running costs and will reduce your chemical usage and chlorine demand in your pool, lowering your yearly operating costs.

  • Ozone - A powerful Oxidizer: Ozone sanitises spa and pool water effectively and removes bacteria, body oils, urine, deodorants and soaps.
  • Safe for the environment: Ozone in a natural product and does not contain harsh chemicals. It starts as oxygen and finishes as oxygen.
  • It’s gentle to people: Ozone has a clean fresh scent. It will not irritate eyes, skin or discolor hair. It’s particularly suitable for both above and below-ground pools and all spa pools.
  • Economical to run: Ozomatic® Ozone Generators substantially reduce chemical usage and cost only a few cents a day to operate.

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