Crystal Cube Plus Floc Blocks

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Crystal Cube Plus Floc Blocks is a simple and effective way to keep your pool water clear all year round. 

Crystal Cube Plus Floc Blocks Benefits and Features 

  • Size: 2 x 170g 
  • Skimmer sock included.
  • Clears your cloudy pool water, leaving it crystal clear. 
  • Reduces chlorine consumption.
  • An ideal option for both chlorine and saltwater pools. 
  • Prevents algae growth by removing phosphates and algae spores.
  • Non-toxic formulation.
  • Increases sand filter efficiency in both chlorine and saltwater pools.

How to use Pool Floc Blocks

  • Simply unwrap one blue crystal cube and place it into the skimmer sock provided and add it to your skimmer box. 
  • Always tie the end of the crystal cube sock so that the blue cube does not liquefy down your skimmer box.
  • Once your filtration system has engaged the passing water will continue to dissolve the crystal cube clarifying your water and lowering your swimming pool's phosphate level.
  • One Clear Pool Cube is designed to dissolve over approximately 2 weeks, continuously adding a clarifier to the pool to effectively bind small particles, making them large enough to be trapped by the filter.

NOTE: Do NOT place chlorine tablets near the cubes.

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worked well

By: Harold Pirotta on 13 October 2021
Good Brush to use for some harder surfaces to clean such as Black Algae.

worked well

By: Harold Pirotta on 13 October 2021
The Crystal Cube Plus Floc Blocks,works well and can see the water crystal clear within 24hours of use.Cheap and effective method of having crystal clear water.

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