Chlorine-Free Pool System

Converting your swimming pool to a chlorine-free system is a way to benefit the whole family when you all swim. Customers (families) who have made the switch to a freshwater pool system report the following:

  • Water good enough to drink
  • Reduced pool maintenance costs
  • Feels gentle on your skin
  • Less triggering for people with dermatitis, sensitive eyes and asthma
  • No need to shower when you get out or continually wash towels and bathers

How does a freshwater pool work?

A chlorine-free pool system is one that works for people whose skin, eyes or respiratory system is sensitive to regular pool chemicals. Asthmatics and those who experience skin rashes, dermatitis and stinging in the eyes have all reported fewer symptoms from using freshwater systems, apart from the environmental benefits offered by sanitising water this way.

The below systems operate using the power of water ionisation. Ionised silver and copper effectively kill bacteria and eliminate the need for chlorine.

Types of Chlorine-Free Pool systems:

Naked Freshwater System

The naked pools system provides a cost-effective, healthy freshwater swimming alternative. This system produces water for swimming in an environmentally friendly way, that is similar to what comes from your household tap.

The Naked Freshwater system is customised to your pool to reduce running costs. It utilises silver and copper to ionise your pool and typically requires half the running time of a traditional sanitiser.

The result is perfectly disinfected and sanitised pool water that feels gentle on your skin. Available for installation on new pools and refit onto existing swimming pools.


The EnviroSwim Chlorine-Free Pool System utilises ionising electrodes with ultrasonics to sanitise pool water and also promises to reduce costs by up to 50%.

The unique freshwater system is a popular choice for those who prefer a freshwater pool system. Enviroswim has been tested for the Australian market by government authorities. This pool disinfectant system can be fitted to any pool pump and filtration system - making it an easy switch