HIDE Skimmer Lids - Great for new pools or renovations

If you're installing a new pool or doing a renovation, a HIDE skimmer lid will make your pool stand out from the rest.  

HIDE Skimmer lids offer a flush finished, paving matched surface with minimal clearances so the lid virtually disappears. This ensures that the lid doesn’t detract from the pool’s good looks. The HIDE comprises a marine grade 316 stainless steel tray that has a paving matched stone infill. The tray supports the stone and protects it from chipping and cracking. This means fewer call backs for the pool builders from clients with broken skimmer lids.

Pool builders can no longer cut a lid from a stone tile and drill a hole in it and keep their fingers crossed. These old style lids are not heavy enough to be child proof and a core drilled hole is easy for a child to access.


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