Aquatight Pool Pumps - Replaces Astral Pool and Hurlcon

Aquatight pool pumps feature a heavy-duty construction that ensures high-performance year on year. These pumps are built to last, as not only do they feature a reliable motor but also a strong casing for improved corrosion resistance.

Aquatight Summit Series Pumps

The Summit Series pumps by Aquatight are easy to use. The large strainer basket that collects debris is easy to remove and prevents inlet blockages. Customers love the quiet operation, despite its powerful water flow capabilities. Even at maximum pressure, the Summit series pumps offer economical running costs

Aquatight Eco Pumps

The Eco pumps by Aquatight offer the energy efficiency our pool customers are seeking. Saving you hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs - the ECO, multi-speed pumps are a favorite among pool owners. Perfect for use with a suction cleaner, and also when manually cleaning your pool. The V3 Pro Pump has a 7-star efficiency rating with an almost silent operation when operating on low speed

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