ECO Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

Eco Pumps are also a lot quieter than their single-speed counterparts. The lower speed keeps noise generation to a minimum. This is a welcome relief for evening use, and for neighbourly relationships.

What is an energy-efficient pool pump?

An Eco pool pump has at least two different speed options. This multi-speed pump allows you to select a high speed for vacuuming and backwashing for everything else, select the slower speed. 

Energy-efficient pool pumps from our favourite brands such as Davey, Onga and Speck offer the same effectiveness as a single-speed pump with dramatic power savings. 

Are Eco Pool Pumps Worth it?

If you are looking to save money on your home bills, you should seriously look towards upgrading your pool pump to one with variable speed options. An Eco energy-efficient pool pump will quickly pay itself off. By running your pool filtration at a lower pump speed, you will be greeted by immediate cost savings. In the long term, an eco pump has the potential of saving you thousands of dollars.

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