Solace Dehumidifier. Removes Moisture from Indoor Pool Rooms


The Solace Indoor Pool Room Dehumidifier is a quiet achiever that removes excess moisture in your pool room, keeping it clean, hygienic, and comfortable. The Solace series dehumidifier works efficiently without disturbing the tranquility of your indoor pool sanctuary. A warm and cozy atmosphere remains, but the mold and bacteria-causing moisture is gone for good.

Top Class Moisture Extraction: The cold coils remove up to 104L/day of moisture and chemicals from the room’s air. After this, the air passes over hot coils and fans, which releases comfortable and dry air into the room.

So Simple: Mount the Solace unit onto the pool room wall and plug it in. Then set the device to drain the water back into the pool and your desired humidity level. It’s as easy as that.

Whisper Quiet: Most dehumidifiers can ruin the peaceful atmosphere with their clunky, noisy operation. The Solace Series works hard in the corner completely unnoticed.


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