ProLok Modular Solar Heating Kits

ProLok modular solar pool heating kits take 1/2 the time to install & can be performed by one person. Australian Made.

Pre-assembled modular components that quickly and securely lock together.

Prolok solar pool heating

Prolok Modular is a revolutionary new 20 tube PVC/Nitrile modular Pool Solar Heating system, roof modules come in 3 preset lengths called roof modules, each roof module of either 3, 4 or 5 square metres is simply rolled out on your roof and linked together to create the required roof area. (refer to chart below for module lengths and roof size requirement)

Connections are made using the new super fast “O” ring and lock system creating a guaranteed high quality leak free installation in half the time with a 15 year warranty.

Click on Video link below for information.

 We recommend at least the surface area of your pool as the minimum amount of solar collector for most applications, obviously if you have sufficient roof space increasing this amount will result in more efficient solar heating.

The Manual DIY Prolok system uses your existing filter pump to pump the water through the solar collector, it is best suited for single storey installations up to 24sq/m, as it puts extra load on your existing filter and pump.

For larger systems without dedicated solar inlets and outlets we recommend upgrading to a booster pump which operates in conjunction with your existing filter pump.

For pools with dedicated solar inlets and outlets a pump with a lint pot is required, (3/4 HP for single storey / I HP for double storey homes).

The addition of a Solar Controller will automate your system, turning your pump on and off according to the heat available and your desired temperature setting. For booster systems use a Digital Controller as this will also control your filter pump.

Prolok kits come with Do it Yourself Instructions and all components to install solar to your pool, the only added expanse is 40mm pressure pipe from your pool to roof which can be purchased locally.

How many kits do I need?

Step 1: Using the guide at below, calculate the approximate surface area or your pool.

Step 2: Determine the percentage of collector required taking into account the following:  * Available roof size  * Northern states minimum 60% to 100% +. * Southern states minimum 80% to 100% +. 
Step 3: Multiply your pool surface area by percentage of area required. Note: By installing additional collector up to 100% & more will improve your heating efficiency.

Calculation Example: Round Pool 7 Metres in Diameter 100% coverage required.

7 x 7 x 79% = 38.71 square metres x 100%... So a  40 sq mt Square kit approx. required...

You can either choose 10 x 4 sq mt kits OR 8 x 5 sq mt kits + 1 x plumbing kit. Depending on the length of roof you have available... 4 sq kits are 13m long & 5 sq mt kits are 17m long. Ensure your roof is long enough to support these lengths as the Prolok system cannot be cut.

Booster pumps & solar controller also available if required.
Pool Shapes

Round Pool

Pool diameter x Pool diameter x 79%

Oval Pool

Pool length x Pool width x 90%

Rectangle Pool

Pool length x Pool width

Prolok sizing chart


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