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Shop online and save on pool pumps. We stock a huge range of pumps from your favourite brands including Davey, Onga, Speck, Waterco and Poolrite

Ave money in the long run by choosing a variable speed, Eco Pool pump. The multi-speed ability allows you to filter your water at a lower speed, reducing the electrical load. Over a year, this will save you hundreds of dollars.

What is the purpose of a pool pump?

A pool pump powers your filtration system, pumping your pool water through your sand or cartridge filter. For this reason, a replacement pool pump not only has to suit the capacity of your pool it also must be compatible with your pool filter. If a pump is not compatible with your existing pool filter, then you may have to make some alterations to your plumbing setup.

Need help choosing a pool pump?

Fill out our online pool pump questionnaire to find out which pump will best suit your requirements. Let us take the hassle out of choosing a new pump. We will take note of your pool size and also the make and model of your pool filter - to give you some worth options for a replacement pool pump

Looking for pool pump spare parts?

Direct Pool Supplies stocks Australia's largest range of pump spare parts. This range covers the most popular pump brands including Davey, Astral, Onga, Pentair and Speck. The parts will allow you to extend the life of your pump, and save you the cost of pump replacement and installation. Our spare parts are also suitable for pump servicing pieces. Servicing your pump regularly and replacing seals and other parts will help prevent any downtime in pool operation or filtration.

Should I choose an eco pool pump?

Energy efficient (eco) pool pumps are the type of pump that we will recommend for most pool owners. Not only will you experience greater savings in your energy costs, but as these pumps are running at a lower speed they will normally sound a lot quieter than single-speed pool pumps.

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