Power Clarifier Granules (Pool Floc) 2 kg


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Use Granular Flor for clearing a very cloudy pool, caused by muddy water runoff.

Active constituent: 1000 gm/kg Aluminium Sulphate. The required dosage is 400 grams per 10,000 litres.

You must not run your filter when using floc. After it is added to the pool you should wait 24-36 hours for it to settle then vacuum to waste.

How to use Granular Floc 2kg:

  • Pool Volume  per 10,000 add 400g Granular Floc
  • For best results, raise pH to approximately 8.2 by adding Alkalinity Increaser (buffer), lower chlorine level to 5ppm
  • Dissolve granular floc into a plastic bucket of pool water at the rate of 400g for every 10,000 litres of pool water
  • Turn off the pool filter and distribute the solution over the surface of the pool
  • Allow granular Floc to develop and settle for 24-36 hours
  • Vacuum pool to waste, ensuring that all the floc is removed
  • If the water is still cloudy with suspended granular floc, allow a further 12 hours re-settling and then repeat vacuuming as above
  • Operate filter overnight in the normal filtration mode to remove the last trace of granular floc. The next morning, backwash the filter and re-balance both the pH and total alkalinity.

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