Hydromattsolar is a superior and perfectly tailored solar pool heating system which is custom-fitted to your roof so as to be aesthetically appealing, unobtrusive and almost undetectable.

By pumping water through your HydromattS olar collector fixed to your roof and the back of your pool, the solar energy collected by the absorber is transfered to the water during it's journey. When pumped back into the pool it takes the heat with it, which warms your pool by up to 10 degrees.

The great success of the Hydromatt solar system is due to the solar collector's high efficiency. No other flexible strip absorber system is designed like it, or can heat your pool so efficiently.

All the solar collectors are extruded using the most up to date hi-tech equipment available in the world.

All the polymers are compounded and mixed to maintain the highest quality products available on the Australian market.

Systems Include:


Solar Collector

Manifolds & Grommets

2 Way Hand Valve

8mm Splicing Barbs

40mm Saddles

Check Valve

40mm Elbows

40mm End Caps

40mm Tees

Solvent Cement

Blunted Drill Bit

Tremsil Roof Glue 1 Tube per 4 SQ MT (Tiled Roof)

EPDM Roof Strapping 50m roll (Tin roof)

Vacuum Break Valve


The kit prices do not include the 6 metre long pipes as shipping is too difficult. Generally this class 12 pipe for the roof can be purchased locally.

** The use of coloured collector will result in reduced performance, additional collector would be required. It would be advisable to go for a slightly larger kit with more collector.

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