AstralPool Hurlcon VX Chlorinator Cell Cable Repair Kit

Quick easy way to fix a damaged VX cell cable.

If your existing cell cable has gone hard and brittle and looks like it was over-heating, you must change the cable so you do not damage the new cell and void your warranty.

No need to open the chlorinator to replace the cable.with this repair kit

Simply cut back your existing cell cable, cut off the old damagedterminals, bare back the cable and crimp on this new cable repair kit.

Slide the larger heat shrink sleeving over the cablethen use a heat gun or hair dryer to the heat shrink sleeving for a neat join.

The repair kit comes with all items in the photo.

Suits all AstralPool or Hurlcon VX 6T, VX 7T, VX 9T, VX 11Tand VX 13T salt chlorinators.

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