Davey Chloromatic cell cable repair kit that suits all MCS or ESC self cleaning chlorinators.

Suits Models ESC16C, ESC24C, ESC36C, ESC48C, MCS16C, MCS24C, MCS36C, MCS40C, MCS48C.

This repair kit makes itmuch easier to repair the cell cable connections. No need to open or solder connections inside the control box,

Simply cut off the old connectors, bare back the wires and crimp on the new cable repair kit.

Heat shrink is supplied to cover these connections.

Leads and cell connections must be in good condition for the best operation of the cell.

A loose connection will cause overheating on the cell and can melt the seals and cause water leaks, and can also void the warranty on a new cell if the cable connectors are old, damaged or burnt.

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