AstralPool / Hurlcon CTX400 pool pumps. The AstralPool CTX pump features a design to comfortably meet the needs and pressures required by your swimming pool and spa equipment.

Created with superior materials and components, the AstralPool CTX pump offers an outstanding solution for meeting the pressure needs of all pool and spa equipment. Exceeding expectations for efficiency and sound control, the CTX can handle the toughest of jobs, from in-floor cleaning systems to spa jets. Enjoy higher performance and reliability; the CTX pump is ready to impress.

High performance pool pump 

The CTX Series pump has been designed to meet your needs by delivering a much higher head pressure and overall performance than other pumps.

Energy efficient Pool Pump

The CTX400 Pool Pump is the perfect balance between optimally meeting your needs and maximum energy efficiency. It moves more water using less power, reducing the number of hours you run the pump each day, and ultimately lowering your electricity bills. Less time and effort is also required for cleaning, granting you even more savings of time and money.

The Astral CTX pool pump features robust construction, with high-quality materials and components. The CTX pump produces greater efficiency while working at lower than normal noise levels.

This pool pump is ideal for pools with in-floor cleaning systems, spa jets and other demanding applications.n The CTX will provide high performance and reliability for these applications

The CTX range retrofits the older Hurlcon CX240, CX320, TX 1.0, TX1.5, TX2.0 pool pumps.

AstralPool CTX Pool Pumps details:

  • Model: CTX 400
  • Volts: 240
  • Phase: single
  • Input watts: 1650
  • Flow rate Max: 400lpm
  • Full Load Amps: 72
  • Energy Consumption: 1572
  • Energy Star Rating: 1
  • Horse power: 1.5h
  • High pressure, high performance
  • Quiet operation
  • Incorporates large lint pot requiring less maintenance
  • Warranty: 3 years, 2 years on mechanical seal


  • Brand:               Astral
  • Model:               CTX280
  • SKU:                 21280
  • HP:                    1
  • Pump Speed:   Single Speed
  • Warranty:          3 Year Limited


  • Brand:               Astral
  • Model:               CTX400
  • SKU:                 11203
  • HP:                    1.5
  • Pump Speed:   Single Speed
  • Warranty:          3 Year Limited


  • Brand:               Astral
  • Model:               CTX500
  • SKU:                 11204
  • HP:                    2
  • Pump Speed:   Single Speed
  • Warranty:          3 Year Limited

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