The Daisy 525 Micron solar pool cover blanket is the premium choice for maximum durability. The Daisy 525 series pool covers are the most popular, offering value for money with greater performance.

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Current wait time ETA is 2-6 weeks

Daisy Solar Pool Cover 525 Micron Features:

  • Size: 4m - 5m
  • 525 micron
  • Australian made
  • Warranty: 10 year pro-rata warranty
  • Colours. Available in translucent Blue, Titanium Green and titanium Blue. Note: Titanium colours have a $25.00 surcharge applied.
  • Save on water - prevents water loss due to evaporation
  • Instantly save on chemicals
  • Warm your pool by up to 8C
  • Retains pool heat
  • Features Daisy Ultra Dome Technology

How to order a Daisy Pool Cover

  • Measure the water length x width as per the Illustrations below... select the blanket size from the drop-down list above, keeping in mind that the cover will be delivered approximately 300mm longer and 150mm wider to allow for shrinkage
  • Select your colour choice
  • Measure the step area (if any) separately, tick the box just under the blanket sizes and select the size from the options available
  • If the step area is not right on the end, measure the distance up from the end of the pool as per the illustration, and insert the measurement in the "Distance Step Up if reqd" box above.
  • An odd-shaped pool should be treated as a rectangle as set out below. You simply place the rectangle cover over the pool and cut it to shape.
  • That's it!

Daisy UltraDome Technology.If need be you can email a sketch of your pool listing all dimensions and step areas.

Exclusive Daisy UltraDome technology completely eliminates weak points and gives you a tougher cover - top and bottom.

The perfectly formed UltraDome bubble makes Daisy a stronger pool cover that will last longer.

Daisy covers will last longer because the added thickness is located just where it is needed the most - at the point of contact where solar heat meets chemical activity.

All covers have UltraDome Technology and differ only in the thickness (micron) of the material used. This micron difference affects the life of the cover and the Daisy pro-rata warranty.

Caring For Your Daisy Pool Cover

To ensure you do not void your product warranty, it is important that you care about your Daisy Pool Cover. Proper care will ensure a longer life. Proper care procedures include:

  • Rolling your cover when not in use
  • Keeping out of direct sunlight when not in use
  • Ensuring correct chlorine levels are kept.

Register Your Warranty Online
Because your Daisy can last for so many years, register your warranty online at Daisy. They'll keep all your details safe for you so you don't have to!

Two easy steps:

  1. Scan your purchase receipt. Ensure the date of purchase is clearly visible.
  2. Go to the Daisy website, and click on Warranty Registration. Fill in the details and send