JetVac Pool Cleaner - There's virtually nothing this cleaner can't swallow. The huge 115mm throat picks up twigs, large leaves, dirt, even golf balls and goggles! Large capacity bag compacts up to 3.5 litres of rubbish.

Can easliy replace a Polaris Pool Cleaner too - Plugs straight in!

Jet Vac features automatic forward / reverse cycles to ensure complete pool coverage on any surface without getting stuck in corners.

Jet Vac requires a dedicated plumbing line and is powered by the Aqua-Quip Booster Pump. Jet Vac is not a suction cleaner that plugs into your skimmer box, clogging baskets and hampering effective filtration. It works from the pressure supplied from the booster pump, and only needs to run 2-3 hours per day

If you're building a pool and are undecided on which pool cleaner to choose, then at least make sure your pool is plumbed with a provision for this "Rolls Royce" of automatic pressure pool cleaners

NOTE: We have black ones avaiable for dark pools... contact us for details.

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