ParaSkim V - Venturi Skimmerbox - Without lid, dress ring, and return guard.

Revolutionary skimmer box that delivers greater suction for enhanced cleaning. ParaSkim V utilises advanced technology to give you a cleaner pool while running your pump at a lower speed.

ParaSkim V - Venturi Skimmerbox Beneifts and Features

  • The new ParaskimVventuri pool skimmer utilizes venturi action to deliver more skimming power when the pump runs at low speeds for better energy efficiency and surface debris removal.
  • Itup to 70% more efficient than other venturi skimmers and up to 200% more efficient than regular skimmers.
  • The perfect match for an in-floor cleaning system and multi-speed pumps.
  • Our high-tech design makes it the most advanced skimmer available.
  • The offset venturi design allows for easy access to the vacuum hose connection.
  • An innovative anti-entrapment design is incorporated into the skimmer to prevent hair, limb, and body entrapment.
  • A newly designed weir door for better water flow and less potential for debris to be trapped in the door.
  • It also provides a more efficient method of introducing ozone into the pool.
  • Design your pool with the advanced Paraskim V to remove debris from your pool at low energy-efficient pump speeds.

What else you need for installation:

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