Saltmate Universal Power Supplyis the control box only and can be used with most brands of standard / NON-self-cleaning cells.If your chlorinator box is burnt out or rusted away, this is the way to go if you still have a good cell. It comes with a time clock, meter, and chlorine controller.

Saltmate Universal Power Supply Standard Benefits and Features

  • Suitable for most standard/non-self-cleaning cells.

  • 18 amp output (SM120) for pools up to 50,000L.

  • Larger pools the 25 amp output (SM150).

  • Suits...

    Zodiac / Clearwater C140TS & C170TS the 18 amp will be fine. For the C200T / QC270 or C250T / QC330 you should select the 25 amp.

    Saltmaster BH4000S and BH7000S select the 18 amp.

    Chloromatic ESR160 / MC16C, ESR200 / MC20C select 18 amp. ESR300 / MC30C select 25 amp.

    Poolrite HC100, SC160, HC200, SC210, Enduro ESN190 select 18 amp. SC310, HC300, Enduro ESN290 select 25 amp

    AquaJoy Model 90 select 18 amp. Model 150 select 25 amp.

    AutoChlor AC15, AC20, AC25, S30 select 18 amp. AC35 select 25 amp

    AutoClear ST15, ST20, ST25 select 18 amp. ST35 select 25 amp.

    K-Chlor AC15, AC20, AC25 select 18 amp. AC35 select 25 amp.

    Stroud C140, C220 select 18 amp. C260 select the 25 amp.

    Waterchlor 26 select 18 amp. Waterchlor 30A or 40 select 25 amp.

  • To connect the cell, simply cut off your cell cable where it goes into your current chlorinator box, bare back the wires and connect to the terminal box located under the new power supply.

IMPORTANT: The cell cable must be clean and tight where it connects to the cell junction box otherwise it can burn up and the warranty can be void.

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