Poppits Spa Safe 1 litre is widely used to disinfect commercial spa baths as required by the Department of Health to eliminate disease-causing pathogens from contaminated pipes.

This fast acting spa pipe cleaner eliminated potential breeding grounds for fatal pathogens legionella and other bacteria.

Spa Safe Pipe Sanitiser details:

  • Size: 1 litre
  • Easy use self-measuring bottle
  • Cleaner and degreaser
  • Wipes out health threatening bacteria, fungus, mildew, moulds and mites in pipes
  • Totally eliminates disease-causing bacteria associated with asthma, hayfever, athletes' foot and eczema
  • Degreasing solution melts away all pipe accumulated fat and debris deposits as spa water is circulated and drained away by the spa pump and booster heater
  • Controls the growth of air born bacteria in pipes that can breed & be inhaled e.g. Legionnaire's disease
  • Regular pipe degreasing assures an enjoyable and hygienic spa experience

How to use Spa Safe pipe cleaner:

Dosing Instruction: 50ml per 500L or 100ml per 1000L

Contains: Benzalkonium Chloride 50g/L

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