Introducing the Spanet SV Mini 2 2.0kw Package, a comprehensive solution for your spa needs. This package includes a controller, remote heater element, and a rectangle touchpad (with the option for a bone touchpad upon request).

Equipped with versatile 230-volt output sockets, the SV Mini 2 offers flexibility in powering various components:

  • PUMP 1: Circ Pump, 1Spd Pump, or 2Spd Pump (note: the pump on this outlet must be pushing water through the heater).
  • PUMP 2: 1spd Pump (10amp Max).
  • PUMP 3: 1spd Pump (10amp Max).
  • BLOWER: Blower (4.5amp Max).
  • 230V: This outlet provides a constant 230 volts and is not switchable, ideal for powering a heat pump or any other device requiring a constant 230 volts.
  • O3/UV: This outlet is exclusively designed for use with an ozone system.

The SV Mini also includes a Low Voltage configuration with:

  • 1 x Touchpad Outlet
  • 1 x Light (compatible with Spanet SV Light only)
  • 1 x Heat Pump Port
  • 1 x Wifi Port

Key features of the SV Mini include:

  • *In heater temperature sensor
  • *Maximum temperature of 41 degrees
  • *Adjustable filtration
  • *Sleep timer
  • *Heat pump interface
  • *Wifi interface
  • *Programmable load shedding

Upgrade your spa experience with the advanced features and flexibility of the Spanet SV Mini 2 2.0kw Package.

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