Telsa 30 Base Clip Charger


Used in conjunction with the power adaptor (K-TEL30CHARGER), to charge the Telsa 30 cleaners.


Make sure the pool vacuum is off by turning the power ON/OFF switch to the OFF position prior to charging.

Align and slide the hook of the charging base onto the side notch at the bottom of the main body until it stops. Make sure the contact plates are properly in contact.

Plug the jack of the external adaptor into the charging port at the end of the charging base.

Connect the external adaptor to the power source. Once the pool vacuum begins charging, the indicator light on the external adaptor will turn red. Normally it takes 4-6 hours to reach a full charge. The indicator light will turn green when the pool vacuum is charged.

When charging is complete, disconnect the external adaptor from the power source and detach the charging base from the pool vacuum and external adaptor.

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