Xylem Lowara ecocirc BASIC 15-6/130 hot water circulation pump.
Speed control knob 1-7.
The 7 position dial is used to adjust flow to the correct level to ensure that the temperature differential between inlet and return from the heat exchanger / heat source are correct for maximizing performance.
Max head - 5.7m Max flow - 3200 litres per hour / 53 litres per minute.
Max system pressure - 10 bar.
Temp range of pumped fluid -10 degrees C to 110 degrees C. (must not freeze.
Fluid temp must always be higher than ambient temp).
Permitted pumped fluid - Water or water/glycol mix.
Installation - pump must be installed with motor horizontal, or with motor vertical AND pump at the top.
Plumbing connection - Male Thread - 1" BSP (no unions/fittings are included).
200-240v, 50/60Hz, 4-42w IP44 NB - this is a hot water circulator only - it is not for use as a spa circulation pump alternative. Its for use on a closed system primary heat source from a boiler, gas heater, solar, etc.

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