Zodiac Heat Pumps

Get warm reliable heat even when the sun doesn't shine with the Zodiac range of heat pumps. Ideal as a replacement to a traditional solar pool heater, the Power range will extend your swimming season by a few months and cost a lot less than you may think, and the PowerFirst range will allow to to swim all year round for most size pools.

Zodiac Power is a range of heat pumps designed for smaller pools whilst keeping the high standard of quality and build expected from a Zodiac product.
built in the same factory as all the Zodiac heat pump ranges, power provides a high end product for the above ground/ smaller pool at a competitive price.

The PowerFirst range is suitable for smaller to mid size pools and feature 'Premium' models that will heat (or cool) all year round.

Zodiac manufactures the most efficient and the most silent heat pumps on the market. Air/water heat pumps transfer the energy that is present in the air to the water in your pool. It is possible for example to obtain a water temperature of 28°C in winter when the outdoor temperature is cool, which is ideal for indoor pools and sheltered pools.

Power range available in two models... 7M & 9M.
PowerFirst range available in three models... 11D, 13 & 15D

Fill in theHeat Pump Questionnaireso we can make sure you get the correct sized heat pump for your pool.

Email the form back tosales@directpoolsupplies.com.auand we will contact you regarding pricing & freight.

Note: Accredited installer Required. Available in store Only.

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