Zodiac pH Perfect automatic acid dosing to control pH levels.To maintain pool health, the most essential element is pH balance; Without it, everything else will be unstable.

The Zodiac pH Perfect is a fully automated water care solution designed to give your pool the perfect balance every day!

Controlled automated acid dosing

  • Accurate sensors provide real-time feedback ensuring perfect sanitation or balance of your pool whenever the filtration circuit is operating.
  • Overfeed protection prevents too much acid from being added to the water.
  • Zodiac's unique 'proportional feed system' is the fastest and most efficient way to reach the required setpoint without wasting excessive solutions.

Zodiac pH Perfect Liquid Acid Feeder specifications:

  • Provides real-time instant feedback to the control as to when it needs to add corrective solution
  • Installation is easy with Zodiac POD housing both sensors and feed points.
  • Power consumption: 9w
  • Mazimum dispense rateL 1.5L/h
  • Max. back pressure: 1.5bar
  • pH control range: 0.0-14.0
  • Accuracy: +/-0.1pH
  • Dimensions: 235mm x 200mm x 85mm
  • Weight: 1.7kg

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