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Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler - Solar Powered



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Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler - Solar Powered

Innovative - Humane - Effective
Repels most unwanted animals & birds.

Get rid of those ducks from your pool area without the use of chemicals!!

Get rid of ducks from pools without using chemicals!!

Customer Review...

After just one week of using the Sureguard Motion Activated Sprinkler, no more ducks!
I've tried absolutely everything from pool additive (expensive),plastic snakes predator birds to a poolside surface solution.
Even the smaller birds that use to come in for a drink/wash have stopped coming, even after I turned it off, even after I took it away.
The ducks have been trained to stay away in a short period of time, and if they do come back I'll hit them again.
Can't endorse this product anymore... I've tried everything on the market and this works!


How it Works
The Sureguard ScareCrow uses a Motion Sensor to detect the body heat of animals and birds. Once triggered it deploys a startling burst of water combined with unexpected noise and motion creating a safe, highly effective deterrent.

It’s environmentally friendly and a safe alternative to chemical repellents

Our customers are quite innovative... we have seen them mount this product to a roof area with solar pool heating to scare away cockies to stop expensive repairs to their solar collectors!

Sureguard Sprinkler

Protect your house, garden pool, boats & more.
Effective against animals, including: dogs, cats, deer, foxes, pigs, wallabies, badgers, kangaroos, squirrels, wombats, raccoons, and more.

Effective birds scarer: poultry, chickens, geese, swans, pelicans, seagulls, parrots, pigeons, magpies, turkeys, brush turkeys, fowl and more.

Note: Does not work for cold blooded animals.

Sureguard Scarecrow sprinkler


Solar Powered - Works in Full Sun, Cloud & Shade

Includes Rechargeable Batteries for Day and Night Operation.

Two User Selectable Operating Modes - 24 Hours or Night Only.

Easy to switch OFF so it won't activate.

Adjustable Detection Range protects up to 100sq meters (approx.).

Adjustable Sprinkler Angles - Left/Right and Up/Down.

Burst of Water uses Only 2-3 Cups.

Dual In-line Protective Water Filters.


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