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Serious Stain Remover removes unsightly organic stains from fibreglass, vinyl, concrete, pebblecrete and most pool & spa surfaces including discolouration from most minerals including Iron, Copper, Manganese & Calcium.

Active Constituents: 660g/Kg Citric Acid. 340g/Kg Chelating Agent.

Staining commonly occurs on pool and spa surfaces over time as dissolved minerals precipitate out of solution in the presence of high pH levels or reactions with excess chlorine oxidiser. Organic matter such as dead blackspot algae, leaves and debris can also mark pool surfaces and be hardened by alkaline minerals such as calcium. Our DIY STAIN REMOVAL TREATMENT with our latest product SERIOUSTAIN (TM) REMOVER, dissolves all mineral deposits with a blend of organic citric acid and a powerful chelating agent to remove and complex (lock-up) freely dissolved minerals into a soluble form to prevent re-occurrence of staining after treatment.

STEP 1 Stop swimming and adjust the pH to neutral 7.0 then backwash or clean the pool filter and then turn the pool pump off. Remove all plastic parts including pool covers, hoses, automatic pool cleaners, etc. Allow the free chlorine to drop to zero before treatment for best results. 

STEP 2 For recent stains in swimming pools, add 250 g of SERIOUSTAIN (TM) REMOVER per 10,000 litres of water dissolved in 10 litres of water and pour around edges. In spas add 100g per 2,000 litres. Brush the walls and floor and after 24 hours if the stains have faded restore the pH to 7.2 with a similar quantity of sodium bicarbonate. If staining persists after 24 hours go to step three before restoring the pH.

STEP 3 For severe or old stains in swimming pools, add 500 g of SERIOUSTAIN (TM) REMOVERper 10,000 litres of water dissolved in 10 litres of water and pour around edges. Additional hydrochloric acid may be added to further lower the pH and shift more stubborn alkaline deposits (refer Precautions below). Vinyl lined pools add 500mls per 10,000 litres, fibreglass pools add 1000 ml per 10,000 litres, concrete pools add 2000 ml per 10,000 litres of pool water. For painted concrete pools in good condition, use the dose as for fibreglass.

STEP 4  Once all stains have faded, turn on pump and filter and add 2 Kg doses of sodium bicarbonate morning and night, testing the pH between applications until the pH is restored to the ideal 7.2. As a guide, around 1 Kg of sodium bicarbonate is required for every 1 Kg of SERIOUSTAIN (TM) REMOVERor hydrochloric acid used in the treatment.

STEP 5  After the above treatment for mineral staining, it is good practice to dump a third of the pool water and replace with fresh fill water, which dilutes the mineral loading of the pool water by one third. Always add one bottle of POOL STAIN INHIBITOR to chemically complex remaining minerals in solution and prevent stains returning.

STEP 6 Restore the free chlorine level to 1.5 ppm and maintain the pH in the correct 7.2 to 7.6 range by testing the water weekly which is vital to ensuring the effectiveness of all pool chemicals, especially chlorine as a sanitiser. We recommend the use of liquid chlorine or a salt water chlorinator to sanitise pool water as calcium based chlorine builds excess hardness and causes cloudy water. Use only sodium bicarbonate to increase pH in swimming pools and spas as sodium carbonate (soda ash) is too alkaline and does not buffer pH. Add our POOL STAIN INHIBITOR once a season to neutralise future mineral staining before it occurs.


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By: Gary Charters on 29 May 2020
Our 27 year old pebblecrete pool had serious old copper staining. It was uniformly spread, as both black and bubble gum green accretions, between the pebbles. I now know that the issue was caused by over use of black spot remover. Tried all of my usual methods to clean it, including watching numerous Youtube videos for tips, but nothing worked, until I found this Stain Remover on your website. Had a good phone conversation with your sales assistant and decided to buy 6 x 1.25kg containers for our 88,000 litre pool.After following the instructions, It took 2.5 days to convince me that I had been advised correctly. The pool will require some work to balance the PH but that's easy. When I checked the pool today it looked amazing! It's a relief after spending over 12 months trying to remove the staining. I now know more about pool stains than my local pool shop in Byron. So if you have stains in your pool you can use this product and be confident that it works.I think it's a 6 star product

best ever

By: scott on 11 November 2019
This is the best shit I have ever used! It removed stains that were years old and you couldn't even scratch off with your finger nail. If I could give 10 stars I would. ( And no I don't work for the company ).

Great for removing all stains on your pool

By: David Mitchell on 1 June 2019
Excellent product. Just drop some granules in where the stain is and it will disappear normally within 24 to 48 hours

Serious Stain Remover

By: David Mitchell on 21 March 2019
Excellent product. Stains disappear like magic just sprinkle around the pool in the badly effected places turn the pump on and away they go in 24 hours

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