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Spa Electrics 12/24/32v GKRX Retro colour change LED light

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The highest quality & brightest Australian made colour change LED light on the market. 

Now replaced with the Multi PLUS light. Click here for details

Do you want your pool to stand out from the rest?Well you really need to consider one of these lights.

There are 9 different colour programs available for use with this multi colour light. Unlike other colour change LED lights on the market, this model includes white as one of the colours.

The colour programs are as follows:

  1. Multi colour - STAGE 1- (where the colours blend in a gradual transition from colour to colour)
  2. Multi colour - STAGE 2 - (where the colours change in a rapid succession)
  3. Blue.
  4. Magenta.
  5. Red.
  6. Lime.
  7. Green.
  8. Aqua.
  9. White.

To step between colours, simply turn your light off and on again within 2 seconds and your light will change to the next colour program.

You can use your existing 12, 24 or 32 volt transformer. If you need a new transformer, See below...

These multi coloured lights should operate off a toroid transformer. (Not iron cored) For correct transformers... for one light here or for two lights here. You can use your existing cable. Please note that these special transformers must be used with your new LED lights.

  • Fitted with long life Ceramic Light Engine LED globe.
  • Adapter plate included suits most existing lights including Stroud, Waterco, Poolrite, Questa, Waterlinx, Dega, Swimworld & AquaQuip (tiled pools only) & Spa Electrics SE3
  • Also available with a 20m lead to suit new pools. 
  • Brochure download
  • Installations instructions 

    Retro light was designed to be a simple replacement light of your existing pool light.

    The GK7RXM uses the latest technology in L.E.D lighting and we are confident in saying that it is the brightest underwater light available on the market.  

    The 'ceramic light engine' is slightly larger than a postage stamp yet it contains more than 200 L.E.D.’s.  These LED’s are then encased in a ceramic housing which is then cooled via a heat sink thus allowing for greater light output.

    It is an environmentally friendly product which requires virtually no maintenance and is well suited for both commercial and domestic applications, as it uses 75% less power when compared to a traditional Halogen light.

    The life of the L.E.D. is rated at 50,000 hours + which would be equivalent to 22 years of a Halogen lamp life hence this eliminates the need to change globes.

    The compact GK7RXM surface mounted light only protrudes 59mm into the pool.
    The Retro is adaptable to either Concrete or Fibreglass pools and will suit most major pool light brands.

    No cable joining is required, by using our unique electrical connection you simply connect your existing cable to the light.


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