Spa Sanitiser Plus - Replaces Lithium - Spa Chlorine

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Spa Sanitiser Plus is a fast dissolving, Sanitiser and Oxidiser. Ideal replacement for Lithium Hypochlorite. Used in a similiar way.

Can be used as a sanitiser and an oxidiser. Spa Shock not necessary but is still recommended for heavy spa use.

Spa Sanitiser Plus - Replaces Lithium - Spa Chlorine

  • Available in three sizes to suit your needs
  • Use in a similar way to Lithium Hypochlorite
  • May be added directly to spa with no pre-dissolving.
  • Fast dissolving
  • Sanitiser and oxidiser
  • Active Constituent:  530g/kg available chlorine, present as Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate.
    150g/kg Sodium bromide
  • Destroys organic wastes. Keeps spa sanitised and clean.
  • Spa Sanitiser Plus is a practical easy to use sanitiser for spas. It dissolves rapidly and completely to provide effective disinfection without leaving cloudiness or insoluble residue in the water. 
  • Frequent oxidation will destroy organic wastes such as body oils, cosmetics and perspiration, leaving the spa clear and safe to bath in.

Approximate Daily Dosage: 6 - 10 grams per 1000 litres when used as a sanitiser.

When used as an Oxidiser: 25 grams per 1000 litres on a weekly basis for moderate spa use or immediately after heavy use. Full details are on the product label. 




Spa Sanitiser Plus

By: colleen weekley on 7 April 2022
Spa Sanitiser Plus

Spa Sanitiser Plus

By: Michael Lieberman on 2 November 2021
Good quality product in a 10 kg bucket. Makes it economical to keep your spa clean.

Spa sanitiser

By: Marnie Alchin on 20 July 2021
What a great product I highly recommend and what a great company great price fast delivery and great follow up to make sure I am happy HIGHLY RECOMMEND

2Kg Spa sanitiser

By: Brian Drew on 14 December 2020
This is the 2nd time I have bought this product from Direct Pool Supplies . It is a great product, their price is the cheapest on E Bay and the delivery is very quick! I will certainly be buying again!

Great product , great price!!

By: Jason Mrak on 2 May 2020
quick and easy transaction, quick delivery.

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