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How to Install a Stern's Modular Pool

It's important to note that this article provides a basic overview of the installation process for a Sterns modular pool. While we cover the key steps, there may be additional details and considerations that are specific to your situation. Always consult your Sterns pool installation manual for comprehensive instructions and safety guidelines.

Pre-Installation Considerations

Local Regulations

Before you begin, consult your local council and water authority to ensure that your pool construction complies with building regulations. In Australia, for instance, all pools must be fenced, and a CPR sign is required to be displayed near the pool.

Site Selection

Choose a flat, level area for your pool. If your site is sloping, it must be dug out rather than built up, as the weight of the filled pool can cause any built-up area to subside.

Site Preparation

Clear the area of any grass, weeds, stones, concrete, tar paper, sharp objects, or anything that could damage the pool or liner.

Installation Steps

1. Assemble Channel Pieces

  • Place the channel pieces end-to-end.
  • Insert the channel joiner as shown in the manual.
  • Fasten these together with nuts, bolts, and washers.
  • Tighten all bolts fully.

2. Assemble Structural Posts to Channels

  • Position the structural posts as shown in the manual.
  • Use two large bolts and washers to fix them together through the bottom of the channel into the bottom of the posts.
  • Position and fasten the remaining four smaller bolts and washers.
  • Tighten them fully.

3. Attach Post Plates to Posts

  • Place the top and bottom plates onto the non-structural posts.
  • Secure the bottom plate with three screws.
  • Secure the top plate with one of the three screws. This allows you to lift this plate when constructing the pool wall.

4. Assemble Pool Wall

  • Place bottom rail connectors as shown in the manual.
  • Slide the curved PVC bottom rails into position.
  • Unroll your pool wall and feed the bottom of the wall into the bottom rails. Make sure the finished side of the wall is facing outwards.
  • Lift the top plate at this time.

5. Install Pool Liner

  • Place the pool liner over the pool wall.
  • Clamp the pool liner into position using the plastic edge strips.
  • Lower the top plate so that the wall fits firmly.
  • Fasten the top plate with the remaining two screws.

6. Final Touches

  • Place the top metal rails over the plastic edge strips.
  • Tap down firmly into position.

Thank you for following this guide on how to install a Sterns modular pool. For further information, please refer to your Sterns pool installation manual. Happy swimming!

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