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Why Choose an Above Ground Swimming Pool

You may already be in the market for an above-ground pool, just starting out at the exploratory stage or perhaps at the point where you have lots of questions. One thing we know for certain is that having an above-ground pool not only increases the value of your property but will bring you years of fun and enjoyment, coupled with memorable moments and joyous occasions of backyard fun!

In this article, we are outlining the benefits of choosing an above-ground pool.

Above The Ground

As the name implies, an above-ground pool sits at ground level and is a great option for families or individuals looking for an affordable and easy method for installing a pool. Instead of having to customize a shape, above-ground pools (also known as modular pools) are built from pre-made casts. This ensures that these pools are installed faster and with less hassle.


The most inexpensive of all pool types, above-ground pools are an excellent choice for those wanting a cheaper alternative to fully customized and in-ground pools. Due to there being no excavation required, apart from finding little more than a level space to sit on, the cost of installing an above-ground pool is based more on the cost of the kit itself (some of which start as low as $3000).

With above-ground pools - the cost of what you see is what you get. Unlike in-ground pools, where excavation is required, there are no hidden surprises waiting, for example having to blast through solid rock or shoring up soft soil found meters below ground level, the cost of which can be prohibitively expensive. Being above ground means the structure does not have to contend with the perils of in-ground digging.

Ease of Flexibility

The flexibility of having an above-ground pool cannot go unnoticed. Being modular in nature and smaller than in-ground pools, their beauty is truly in their portability! Should you decide you no longer like the location of your pool, you can easily disassemble the pool and move it to a different area of your backyard or even take it with you when you move homes.

Fast Installation

For anyone taking on the task of building an in-ground pool, one only knows too well the time taken from the initial scoping to final delivery - anywhere between 6 - 8 months! So for those wanting a summer pool, the planning best starts at the end of the previous summer. Thankfully with above-ground pools, installation can start as soon as council approval is given. The installation process itself is quick, about 48 - 72 hours, depending on your backyard and any pre-preparation needed for the leveling of the ground. This could include removing stones, leveling the soil, and installing a solid foundation on which the pool can sit on.

Approval Process

Regardless of the type of pool you build, certain approvals are required although they can differ from state to state. These can take the form of either a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) or a Development Application (DA) depending on the scope of work required, and whether the pool itself meets certain predetermined standards. Either way, it’s always a good idea to enlist the services of a professional pool contractor to help submit the necessary plans and documentation to get the necessary certification, a process that can take anywhere between 4-6 weeks.

Pre-Designed shape

Having a wide choice available nowadays given the range of pre-designed shapes of above-ground pools certainly raises the question that one may experience with the limitations of in-ground pools. This includes the size of the land, the cost of excavation, and the time taken to get the pool ready and completed for swimming. Having a pre-designed shape means that apart from choosing the size, the location of the pool, and the color of the pool liner, you can be enjoying your pool in no time at all.

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