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4 Signs the Cartridge Filter Needs Replacing

A well-maintained pool filter cartridge should last up to 2 years. Regular filter cleaning and maintenance can easily extend the life up to 3 years. At some point, it will need to be replaced. Below we discuss the signs to look out for that will indicate if it's time to replace your filter cartridge

4 Signs the cartridge filter needs replacing

  1. Cracked end cap.

if you are using cartridge filters for pools you should know that the end cap on your filter cartridge keeps the polyester pleats in shape. Corrosion and chemical exposure can lead these plastic end caps to turn brittle and crack. Even though the end cap has nothing to do with the actual filter aspect of the cartridge it can lead to minimising the efficiency of the filter as the filter will fall out of shape preventing the filter from catching the particles. The small shard of plastic that may break off of the cap can be recirculated through the pool and can cause damage to your pumps.

  1. Filter pressure.

When the pressure begins to significantly shorten its time for a replacement. Pool filter cartridges need to be cleaned when your pressure gauge rises 8 PSI above its normal operating pressure.

  1. Water Quality.

When you notice your pool water is staying cloudy despite proper chemical balance or running your filter for longer then it's time to give your cartridge a clean. If after giving it a clean there's no difference after the clean then it's time for a replacement.

  1. Filter Damage.

Every time you clean your cartridge you should be checking for any rips or tears in the fabric. Damage to the filter will reduce the efficiency of the filter cartridge. Rips and tears can prevent your filter from capturing debris, leaving it to be washed back into the pool.

How can I make it last longer?

  • Keep your Skimmer clean.

Being on top of cleaning out your skimmer will prevent any debris from ending up in your filter cartridge. Debris in your filter cartridge can cause damage and tears.

  • Weekly hose down.

Every few weeks hose down your filter cartridge. This will remove larger debris and will prevent algae and microscopic debris from settling and becoming permit in the fibres of your filter.

  • Give your cartridge a good clean

Every few months give your cartridge a deep clean. Deep cleaning your filter will help remove the build-up of oils and other hard-to-remove particles.

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