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6 pool accessories to fight algae

To fight pool algae, you need the right tools in your pool cleaning kit. These accessories will help you to prevent a wide algae outbreak or get on top of your pool algae problem

1. Algae Brush

If you have ever tried to remove algae from your pool surfaces before, you will understand just how stubborn the spores are to remove. Regular pool wall brushing with an algae brush is a fabulous preventative measure. Doing this will help detach algae from pool linings before their spores take hold. For preventative measures, you should brush your pool once a week.

An algae brush is also important when treating all types of pool algae. Brushing will help break down the algae cell lining and allow the algaecide to work more effectively.

2. Vacuum and hose

Many people do not own a pool vacuum. Modern pools have sought the benefits of a robotic pool cleaner to pick up debris and give pool surfaces a good scrub. But what happens when you need to clean your pool and send it all to waste? Particularly after algae treatment? This is when you need a pool vacuum.

3. Leaf Shovel

Many algae problems stem from organic matter in your pool. Leaves in your pool break down into phosphates. Algae feed on phosphates and if you still have this food source in your pool it can make it difficult to get on top of an algae problem.

A leaf shovel is useful for scooping up leaves floating on top of your water and also the leaves that accumulate on the floor of your pool. An angled edge on the leaf shovel helps to scoop the leaves off the pool floor.

4. Floating Pool Leaf Skimmer

A Floating pool leaf skimmer is a great choice for pools in leafy areas. This tool skims the top of the pool, collecting leaves before they have the opportunity to sink to the bottom of the pool. If you want something even more high-tech, choose a remote control leaf skimmer. The battery-operated skimmer also helps to relieve pressure on your pool’s skimmer, making the filter more efficient.

5. Phosphate testing strips

Phosphate test strips will help you identify the cause of algae problems. This pool test will also help predict any future algae problems if your phosphate levels are particularly high.

6. Pool cover

A LeafStop pool cover greatly assists with algae control. This cover sits over the pool to prevent leaves and other debris from falling into the water, effectively keeping the water clean. Furthermore, the cover also reduces water and chemical loss significantly ensuring the pool stays effectively sanitised.

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