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How to maintain your suction pool cleaner

Without a doubt, the suction pool cleaner is an absolute workhorse. For this reason, it is only fair that we show the cleaner a bit of love from time to time. By carrying out some simple maintenance tasks and using suction pool cleaners in an appropriate manner - you will certainly extend its life and be rewarded with a cleaner pool

Suction Pool Cleaner do's and don'ts

  • Never coil your pool hose. By doing this, you will restrict your cleaner's range throughout the pool. To uncoil your hose, lay it flat in the sun and allow the heat to lengthen the hose once again.
  • When you take your cleaner out of the pool, lay the disc flat on a surface. This will prevent the disc from warping.
  • Regularly check your suction cleaner and hose for signs of wear. The footpads of your clean will eventually wear down. It is recommended to change these when they reach 1.6mm or less
  • Regularly empty and clean your pool skimmer buckets. Also, check your pump filter.
  • For best cleaning results, regularly backwash your sand/media filter. This will remove any dirty particles lurking in your filter and give it a greater capacity to clean your water
  • When backwashing, remember to disconnect your suction cleaner. Before reconnecting it is advised to allow your filter to run for 5 minutes.
  • Keep your pool water at the correct chlorine and acid levels. This will reduce the chance of premature aging
  • Most of the suction cleaner parts can be easily replaced, saving you money on a new pool cleaner

Removing debris from your suction cleaner

From time to time you may have bits of debris get stuck in your pool cleaner. It is important that before attempting to remove debris, you turn off the suction pump for the cleaner first.

If the cleaner has stopped moving, turn off your pump then remove the suction cleaner from the pool. Turn over the cleaner to remove the debris or push the debris through

If you need to access the diaphragm, we recommend consulting with the suction cleaner user manual.

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