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How to make your pool heating more efficient

Pool heating gives you the ability to enjoy a longer swimming season. Some pool heating systems will even give you the ability to enjoy your pool year-round. Below we discuss how you can make the most of your pool heating system in terms of running costs and speeding up the water heating process.

The difference between Electric, gas and solar pool heaters

Before we delve into how you can make the most of your pool heating it is important to distinguish the different types of heating systems.

  1. Solar Pool Heating Brilliant for extending your swimming season and heating up water when the ambient temperature is perfect for swimming but your pool water is too cold. This is not an option for year-round heating in cooler climates
  2. Gas Pool Heating Works on-demand to quickly heat up your pool water. Works well all year round.
  3. Electic Pool heater More efficient than a gas system and can be utilised to enjoy your pool year-round

1. Add a Pool Cover

We always recommend using a solar pool blanket when running your pool heating system. This will speed up the water heating process, making your system more efficient in running time and costs.

Keeping the blanket on your pool when it is not in use also helps to retail the water temperature when not in use.

2. Use remote wifi controller

Another way to reduce running costs is to control your system remotely. Many newer pool heating systems now have this feature as standard. The remote operation gives you the freedom to operate your heat pump only when necessary. Turning the pump on when you are at work, so you can enjoy the pool when you get home - or making sure the pump has been turned off when you don’t need it on.

This means that the pump can be running only when it needs to be.

3. Choose the correct size heater for your pool

We recommend consulting with a pool technician to ensure you pick a pool heater to suit the size of your pool. Factors that will influence this decision include wind exposure, humidity levels, surface area and night temperatures.

4. Maintain your heater and pool

Cleaning the coils and vents of your pool heater should be part of a quarterly pool maintenance regime. At this time, it is wise to inspect the vents to ensure that you have good airflow around the heater.

For your pool heater to work efficiently, you need to make sure your filter system is circulating correctly. This is achieved by undertaking weekly pool maintenance including emptying your skimmer basket, clearing out the pump basket and cleaning your filter regularly.

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