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How to backwash your sand filter

The main effect of not backwashing your sand filter is reduced suction/water flow. In extreme cases this could cause the pump to lose prime and run dry, thereby ruining your pump. Additionally, frequent backwashing can help increase the longevity of your filter media (sand, zeolite, glass, etc.). In this article, we will outline the best way to backwash your sand filter.

Signs your Sand filter needs backwashing

One of the main indicators that your sand filter will need backwashing is you’ll be getting poor water flow/suction. A clogged sand filter reduces the flow through the filter, creating back pressure and reducing the suction from your pump. Additionally, you might see that the recorded pressure on your filter’s pressure gauge is higher than normal.

How to backwash your sand filter

If you have recognised that it is indeed time to backwash your sand filter, or if it has been a while since ‘your last backwash – we recommend using the below steps to safely carry out a filter clean.

  1. Switch off your pump.
  2. Turn the handle on your sand filter’s multiport valve to the option that says “Backwash”.
  3. Once finished with the backwash turn on the pump and let it run until the water running through the sight glass turns clear and then turn off the pump.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 except putting the handle on the option that says “Rinse”.
  5. Turn the filter handle back to the “Filter” option and put the pump back on its usual timer.
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